You always hear about the importance of saddle fit, but upon purchasing my OTTB Joey I quickly realized that finding the appropriate fitting bridle for him was equally as important. After trying four popular bridle brands and feeling like I had exhausted many of my options, the Tota Comfort Daytona Jumper Bridle came into our lives. Classic and stylish, the bridle looked the part but what has 100% sold me on Tota Comfort is how it instantly improve the way Joey went around the ring.

Joey’s first day in the Tota Comfort Fit Daytona Jumper Bridle….and boy does he look sharp. Photo by Meagan DeLisle

I am not a believer in quick fix solutions- especially with horses. We all know that patience is a much needed virtue in this industry. But, after nearly eight months of Joey tossing his head and avoiding contact (which resulted in him jumping like a flying squirrel at times) I felt like I had no more patience to give. We had gone through traditional hunter bridles, a monocrown figure 8, and several popular ergonomic designs before I was introduced to Tota Comfort. Knowing that a friend of mine had success with their bridles in the Dressage ring, I was curious to see if Tota Comfort would be able to help Joey out as well.

I won’t lie, after hopping on him to hack around the arena for the first time in the Tota Comfort Fit bridle I thought there was the possibility I had pulled the wrong horse out of the stall. There was a complete 180 in Joey’s self-carriage. He engaged the bit, began to balance, and carried himself confidently at a walk, trot, and canter. There was no more fussing or pulling and he respected my half halts and aids.

Chalking it up to a fluke, I decided to pop him over a few fences as the true test of the Tota Comfort design. A typical OTTB, Joey has quite a bit of blood and gets very excited to jump. When I put him into a line or a triple combination, he would pull through the bit or shoot his head straight up in the air to evade contact and my half halts. After having his teeth done and finding a bit that he respected, the behavior continued. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever have a horse who would use himself to the fences.

That is when I became a believer. Joey was calm, responsive, and respectful. He began to tuck himself at the fences and the typical fight in the lines was gone- just like that. We jumped some small courses and my coach was astounded, where was my horse and who was the horse that I was riding?

How Does the Tota Comfort Noseband Work?

The unique curved cheek pieces and jaw strap of the Tota Comfort Noseband redistribute the force created by the cavason when a horse moves its mouth, protecting the poll and TMJ. The design also avoids many of the nerves on the side of the horse’s face and helps stabilize the jaw.
When a horse moves its jaw while wearing a traditional cavason, it creates downward pressure on the poll. The Tota Comfort Noseband sits farther back on the head, reducing this pressure and alleviating discomfort along the sensitive cheekbones. A happier horse means a better connection with the rider.

The longer we rode in the Daytona bridle by Tota Comfort, the better Joey became. After eight long months of struggle, he polished up in less than a month and the only change in our program was the bridle change. Not only did he change under saddle, but his ground manners greatly improved as well. Previously, when it came time to bridle Joey would put his head as high in the air as possible making it difficult for my 5’2” self to bridle my 17h horse. He was notorious for rubbing his face on you in a desperate attempt to get the bridle off in any way possible. Those behaviors just disappeared. It was 100% obvious that Joey was much more comfortable in the Tota Comfort design and suddenly I had a well-mannered horse that displayed the potential I knew he always had.

Like I said earlier, I am not a believer in ‘miracle products,’ but I am sold on the Tota Comfort design. From this point on, my horses won’t wear anything else. Not only are they gorgeous and impeccably crafted, but there is no denying that they work with the horse and not against them. You get your moneys worth with Tota Comfort and I expect to see quite a few more of their Jumper bridles in the ring.

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Meagan DeLisle is a freelance writer for the popular website She has been a rider and writer sharing the ups and downs of training her OTTB Joey and her horse-show husband with readers online for a number of years. A dedicated Hunter/Jumper rider Meagan shares an adult amateur’s perspective on the horse world in her many blog posts.