Diane Creech trainer and rider of Leatherdale Farm’s Oldenburg stallion Robbie W has taken notice that the Tota Comfort System is making FEI level work easier for her horses.

When one of my mares began shaking her head and just didn’t seem completely comfortable in the bridle, we decided to try out the Tota Comfort System,” stated Creech. “There was an immediate shift; the head shaking stopped immediately and it was clear she was more comfortable in the Tota Comfort System. From then on I’ve used the bridle on all of my mounts in both training and competition, as it is simply a more comfortable piece of equipment for the horses. Competing at this level you can’t afford mistakes, and discomfort in any measure leads to tension that ultimately creates problems or leads to lower scores. Dressage is like a puzzle, and the Tota Comfort System is a piece of that puzzle that makes the horses more comfortable and creates a more pleasant ride and experience for the horses.

Diane Creech
Grand Prix Dressage Rider & Trainer