Fitting your Tota Comfort Noseband

The right fit makes a difference

Remove your existing noseband from your bridle. If the noseband has buckles on both sides of the bridle just unbuckle and remove it. Then buckle the Tota Noseband onto the hanging straps.

If your cavesson only has a buckle on one side unbuckle it and remove it from the headstall of the bridle. You will need a converter strap to attach the Tota Comfort Noseband in this situation. The converter strap will be threaded back onto the headstall in the same way your prior cavesson was attached, and then buckle the Tota Comfort Noseband to the strap. If you have any problems please contact us.

Place the bridle on your horse and adjust the crank noseband normally, it should sit at a point about one finger’s width below the bottom of the cheekbone. Tighten the crank as is appropriate for your horse.

The jaw strap should be fastened at the point where the round part of the horse’s jaw intersects with the flat underside. The strap should be adjusted snugly (much like a flash noseband) so as to help shift the downward force of the bridle backward and away from the poll and TMJ.

The crank noseband and jaw strap should run nearly parallel to each other and the jaw strap should not close over the round potion of the horse’s jowl. If the straps are not lining up correctly please contact us you may need the jaw strap to be moved or a different size noseband may be right for your horse.

Be sure to check the tightness of your browband. In some cases the Tota Comfort Noseband can move the crown of the bridle back just enough to make your browband too small!

Need more help please call our fitting specialist Michelle at  561-601-5770 or watch the video below of TCS creator Charles Tota.