Success Stories

Britney Fraser-Beaulieu – Grand Prix Dressage

Canada’s Brittany Fraser-Beaulieu and her international Grand Prix mount All In are just one of the elite dressage pairs that sport the Tota Comfort System in the competition arena. When asked about the choice she said: I want to make sure my horses are as happy as...

Brandy Jones – Dressage

Thank you!!! If I could hug each and everyone of you at Tota Comfort System I would. Every horse I try your noseband on, goes better and feels happier in work. Bella is my complicated, princess and the pea type girl. A love (certain she is a black lab stuck in a black...

Karen Pavicic – Dressage

Karen Pavicic is a Canadian dressage rider. She represented Canada at the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy and was a contender for one of Canada's Olympic spots in 2016 on the road to Rio.  In the winter of 2016 she was one of the first international Gran Prix...

Lillian Simons – Young Rider

Lillian Simons, a talented young dressage rider competing in the FEI Young Rider division, started riding at age 3 and now she is a regular on the circuit in Wellington and beyond. We were excited to see her competing in the winter of 2016 with a Tota Comfort Noseband...

Why the Tota System Works

An examination of the nervous system and anatomy of the equine head compared with the linear design of the standard bridle in any discipline reveals the pressure and stress put on the horse’s poll and face. While being a seemingly straightforward concept, creating a system of support and design that would perform at such a high level took months of research and analysis. The results, however, are immediate. From pleasure horses to FEI competitors, the comfort and fit of this revolutionary tack design are quickly becoming the new standard as riders take the reins.

Inventor Charles Tota

The Tota Comfort Noseband  is changing the way we ride for dressage, jumper and eventing horses. The noseband works to reduce the pressure that horses experience from a traditional noseband at the poll and along the sides of the face. The design was initially created to help a high level dressage horse that was experiencing so much pain in his poll area he was becoming more and more difficult to bridled and less and less willing under saddle with each ride. After numerous vet trips the doctors recommended the owner ask saddle maker, Charles Tota, to look at creating unique bridle design to alleviate the pain. Many  prototypes eventually lead to the creation of the patent pending Tota Comfort Noseband.

The unique curved cheek pieces and jaw strap of the Tota Comfort Noseband redistribute the force created by the cavason when a horse moves its mouth, protecting the poll and TMJ. The design also avoids many of the nerves on the side of the horse’s face and helps stabilize the jaw.

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